Reconstructive Urology

If you require reconstructive urology for urethral stricture disease or urinary diversion, you can trust the experience of Rogue Valley Urology physicians.

Urethral Stricture Disease

A urethral stricture is a scar in or around the urethra caused by injury, inflammation, or infection. The scar narrows the urethra and blocks the flow of urine, causing urinary tract infections or infections of the prostate and scrotum, as well as frequent urination. Long-term blockage can result in damage to the kidneys. This condition is more common in men. Depending on the degree and location of your scar tissue, we can treat urethral strictures through gradual stretching to enlarge the stricture, use of a laser or knife to cut the stricture through a scope, or through surgery.

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Urinary Diversion

If your bladder does not function properly or it must be removed due to cancer or injury, you will require a urinary diversion. This process involves creating an opening in your urinary system to divert urine out of your body, typically through an opening in the abdominal wall. There are two types of urinary diversions: continent and non-continent.

Continent Urinary Diversion
With continent urinary diversion, you may either have a surgical opening in your abdomen in which a tube is placed periodically to drain the accumulated urine or we may be able to create a replacement bladder out of part of your intestine, allowing you to urinate spontaneously.

Non-Continent Urinary Diversion
A non-continent diversion requires connecting the ureters to a section of intestine, which is then brought to the abdomen’s surface. You would wear an ostomy bag into which the urine continuously drains; however, this would enable you to still participate in strenuous physical activity, whereas the other options may not.

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