Minimally invasive surgery for maximum results.

With your health and safety in mind, we employ minimally invasive surgery techniques whenever possible. Rogue Valley Urology is a leader in the use of laparoscopy and the da Vinci ® Robotic Surgical System to perform operations using small incisions rather than a large, open incision.


In this procedure, your surgeon will use a tiny video camera called a laparoscope and a variety of long, thin surgical instruments to perform operations through small incisions about a half-inch long. Your abdomen or pelvis will be gently expanded with inert gas to provide a clearer point of view. The camera transmits images onto a monitor, which lets us see everything we would have seen through a large incision. Essentially, we are able to reproduce open surgery techniques using miniature instruments, with smaller incisions, less pain, and speedier recovery.

Robotic Surgery

Similar to laparoscopy, the da Vinci ® Surgical System allows your surgeon to operate through a few small incisions. The difference is that this state-of-the-art system uses the latest in robotics technologies. Your surgeon is 100% in control of the da Vinci ® System, which translates their hands into smaller, more precise movements of tiny robotic instruments inside your body. Compared with traditional open surgery, using the da Vinci ® System has been found to offer shorter hospital stays, fewer complications, less need for prescription pain medicine, and a faster recovery time. This is a beneficial tool for performing complex and delicate urologic surgery, including removal of the prostate, which is not only tightly confined but also surrounded by nerves that affect urinary control and sexual function.

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Visit the da Vinci ® webpage on urological procedures.

PlasmaButton Vaporization

PlasmaButton vaporization of the prostate is a new surgical option for the treatment of benign prostate hyperplasia (BPH). This procedure is a significant advancement over a conventional TURP procedure in which prostate tissue is removed more gently using low temperature plasma energy. This new procedure does not cut or shave off tissue with a loop or burn it away with a laser, but instead gently vaporizes the tissue with a small, button-shaped electrode. PlasmaButton vaporization is a shorter procedure with less catheterization time. It is performed outpatient, with minimal postoperative discomfort, fewer complications, and a quick return to normal activities.

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For more information visit the PlasmaButton website.