Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve answered a few of the most frequently asked questions about our practice. If you need more information, please contact us during office hours at 541-774-5808.

Yes, we are a participating provider for Medicare. This means that we limit our charges to the amount approved. Of this fee, Medicare pays 80% and the patient is responsible for the remaining 20% and any deductible not met. We will submit your claims for medically necessary services directly to Medicare on your behalf.
Medicare covers most urological procedures, but our billing office will always verify this for you.
We accept and bill most major health insurance policies. Please be sure to contact your insurance company before your visit to discuss the details of your coverage. Your insurance company may require a referral form from your primary care doctor before authorizing you to be seen at our office.
Your primary care physician has referred you to an Urologist for a specific urological problem.
You should always see your primary care physician before you see a specialist. Our specialty may not be the appropriate place to start. Once your primary doctor has tried and failed to treat your condition it would be appropriate to refer you. It is also very important to get all your medical records prior to your first visit with us.
You must sign a medical records release and state where they will be going and why.
After seeing one of our physicians, your records will automatically be faxed to your referring physician. You do not need to sign a records release.
You must be referred by another physician unless it is for a Vasectomy, Circumcision or second opinion for a present Urologic condition. You must have all your medical records from the first opinion.
You may call yourself and schedule, but you must have all your records of your present illness. We would like them in advance of your appointment so we can verify nothing is missing.
Test results vary. Some tests come back in 1-2 days. Others can take 1-2 weeks. This will depend on if this test has to be sent to a specialty lab.
We like to have 24 hours to process your refills. It is important to call your pharmacy first. They in turn will send us a request to have this filled. In emergency situations, you may always call your doctor’s medical assistant to expedite the request.
If you’re over the age of 50, your Primary Care Provider should do a PSA annually. If elevated, they will refer you to a Urologist. Your Urologist will do one every 6 months, sometimes more frequently depending on certain risk factors.
A catheter will empty your bladder continuously. You may experience some burning and irritation at the head of your penis. You may also experience bladder spasms which could push urine out around the catheter, although there are medications to help with this. Your catheter could possibly get clogged and you would need immediate attention. If you have any questions or concerns, please call our office anytime day or night at 541-774-5808
You will call the office at 541-774-5808 and let our answering service know you need to speak to the on call doctor. Your physician may not be on call when you have a problem, but all our doctors have access to your chart and will be able to assess your situation.